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The grid-connected solar system also known as grid connection or connected solar system. This is the most cost-effective type of solar system compared to hybrid and off-grid solar system to save electricity or reduce the bill.

In this solar system, the solar inverter converts the electricity from C.C. Produced by the solar panel into C.A. electricity. That can then be used directly at home or business.

If the system produces more energy than is consumed, the surplus is fed to the main power grid through net solar measurement. At the time of billing the electricity, the government or the energy supplier will adjust the exported units on your electricity bill.


Days: Monday

6:00 pm (UTC GMT -6:00 Central America).

Duration: 6 Weeks.

Methodology: 100% Online.

This is a fundamental course for anyone who wants to start a career in photovoltaic (PV) energy and /or understand the ins and outs of electricity generation based on the photoelectric effect. This course will allow you to continue developing in areas such as: design, inspection, installation, maintenance, technical sales and technical support; all based on the most rigorous electrical codes and practices recommended by professionals with decades of experience in the industry. This course is the first of a comprehensive program dedicated to creating experts in the field; on its own it is an excellent starting point for any branch in the industry.

Registration requirements

Admission: People without prior knowledge.

Education: High School.

This course is beginner level for those who are starting their careers in photovoltaics. It is the first in a series of trainings both theoretical and practical. To take this course you do not need to have a high level of technical knowledge. GES has prepared the course precisely so that it is available to anyone who has ambition to start their career in Photovoltaic Energy. After successfully completing the course you can take any level 2 course which are off grid systems. You only need to have diversified studies and basic electrical knowledge.

Cost of the online course

Price: $65

One payment.

Mean: Credit/debit cards and/or bank transfers.

Any student who is looking for photovoltaic energy training with GES, whether engineer, electrician, technical career student or person involved in the photovoltaic industry, must complete the course successfully. There are rare occasions where a student can skip the first course with GES. We offer this option only if you have taken similar training, or have extensive experience. Your student services representative can provide access to a knowledge exam that you can access and complete online to demonstrate your previous knowledge and see if level 2 courses are a good fit for you. Your diploma is waiting for you. You don't need to have previous specialized studies to start training now or some kind of bachelor's degree.

At the end of the course

Participation diploma: Digital (Optional physical at additional cost).

Having received the course according to schedule of activities and evaluations, you will have a diploma that accredits your participation and acquisition of new knowledge. You will not only have credibility in front of the people around you but also in the competent world of work, business, company or educational teaching and you can choose to further improve your personal goals and objectives according to your leadership vision.

Obreros de la construcción saludándose

Projects similar to these you can advise after your online courses to get better remuneration with clean energy and show commitment to your customers.

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