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Management, Design and Installation of Photovoltaic and Thermal Solar Energy Systems

Solar energy today has undergone considerable growth in recent years. There are many variety of technological systems that adapt to different needs of each person or company and deliver energy to the electricity grid or meet the demand of an industrial plant even a residence in the quest to excel with clean energy.


These courses are designed for those people who want to incorporate low-emission energy into industries, businesses, residences and feel the desire to innovate in the field of clean energy generation and distribution. During the training you will acquire the skills to transform solar energy into electrical energy and heat, as well as skills that make you a solar energy specialist that allow you to design and install a solar energy system, start a business, market equipment and / or accessories or provide advice.

About online courses


With the courses in Management, Design and Installation of Solar, Thermal and Photovoltaic Energy Systems you will acquire the knowledge and skills that are necessary for the management of a system that involves solar energy and you will be able to:

  • Direct a photovoltaic or solar thermal installation that meets the needs of the demand and requirements of the client.

  • Assess the energy demand needs for a residence or industry and design a solar energy system according to their needs.

  • Perform maintenance and repairs of solar installations in industrial, commercial and residential areas.

  • Integrate multidisciplinary teams for the development of solar energy projects for low or medium voltage.

  • Strengthen your technical skills and expand your job options in the world of solar energy.

Educational Courses


Online Practical Theology

We have other courses in addition to solar energy in topics of personal interest for the education of today's world at affordable prices, with the best online tutors for private support.

paneles solares




100% Online course on solar energy to the electricity grid.

paneles en la hierba




100% Online course on autonomous solar energy / isolated from the electricity grid.

Solar Water Heater




100% Online course on solar thermal energy in solar heaters.

Grupo de estudio




100% Online course various educational at university level. Request more information.


Personalized attention for online students.


100% Online methodology no matter where you are.


Didactic material available in personalized teaching.


Years of experience support us to be able to transmit the best possible knowledge.

María Pilar

Green Energy Solutions taught me from scratch the different solar systems that exist. Now I can size very well a residential or even industrial photovoltaic system that is not anything.

Trabajador sonriente

Aaron Sebastián

I was able to continue my studies in Renewable Energy for my profession of Electrical Engineering, I needed a company that certified me as an additional to my resume and I have acquired better projects thanks to Green Energy Solutions.

Trabajador joven
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