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Solar Water Heater



Thermal energy storage systems (TES) can drive the conversion of solar thermal energy into electricity. They allow efficient storage of heat during the day so that electricity production continues at night.


The solar heater system is sized to provide a place with hot water without the need to use an electric wall or gas heater, producing a reduction in considerable electrical energy consumption with solar energy.


Days: Thursday

6:00 pm (UTC GMT -6:00 Central America).

Duration: 6 Weeks.

Methodology: 100% Online.

Provide the knowledge for the use of solar thermal energy and provide the basic tools for its construction or commercialization. This course is aimed at anyone who wants to implement such energy in their facilities or wants to start a business from such a renewable source. The participant will have sufficient knowledge to be able to design heating systems, as well as be able to implement and commercialize this renewable energy in their new projects.

Registration requirements

Admission: People without prior knowledge.

Education: High School.

This course specifically goes to stakeholders to become professionals prepared to solve hot water demands by implementing alternative energies in rural and urban environments. This implementation will allow customers to recover the investment in a short time, thanks to the savings it represents in the expenditure of electricity or gas. The training combines knowledge related to the use of solar energy and hydraulic and sanitary installations, to place solar water heating systems.

Cost of the online course

Price: $65

One Payment.

Mean: Credit/debit cards and/or bank transfers.

You study at your own pace and according to your own itinerary, because we offer didactic material for those who wish to train in the course of solar thermal and technical-operational activities of different productive sectors, regardless of their previous experience. You can enter the course as many times as you need; there is no time limit to conclude it; and there is also no limit on attempts to submit assessments. You don't need to have previous specialized studies to start training now or some kind of bachelor's degree.

At the end of the course

Participation diploma: Digital (Optional physical at additional cost).

Having received the course according to schedule of activities and evaluations, you will have a diploma that accredits your participation and acquisition of new knowledge. You will not only have credibility in front of the people around you but also in the competent world of work, business, company or educational teaching and you can choose to further improve your personal goals and objectives according to your leadership vision.

Obreros de la construcción saludándose

Projects similar to these you can advise after your online courses to get better remuneration with clean energy and show commitment to your customers.

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