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The theological discipline to which this educational course is dedicated is to identified in various ways as Christian doctrine, dogmatics or systematic theology. There is no firmly established use of these terms; the preference for one or the other of them is usually arbitrary. Of the three, "Christian doctrine" is the most general and descriptive, indicating that the field of research is Christian teaching, but without prescriptions on what could be considered normative Christian teaching or on the form a description of it might take.


Days: Saturday

8:00 am (UTC GMT -6:00 Central America).

Duration: 2 Years.

Methodology: 100% Online.

This generalized course in practical theology provides each student with culturally relevant ministry, ministerial training, and spiritual and professional formation. Through analogies of truth statements, theologies and general doctrines. Each student will develop the ability to use interpretation to evaluate the elements of theological thinking. Students will better understand analytical writing, leadership, and communication skills as part of the educational program. This course is likely to include topics such as systematic theology, biblical theology, exegesis, and homiletics, among others. You will be able to execute ministerial positions with a broader knowledge according to your personal needs in terms of ministerial goals and objectives, in your community or in the world.

Registration requirements

Admission: People without prior knowledge.

Education: High School.

The theology program is aimed at students who wish to deepen their knowledge in research and bible teaching. Focused on the study of the Christian life and biblical thought as their goal for transmitting to the community of faith the tools necessary to advance the knowledge of God.


These studies of the Christian life and biblical thought, past, present, and future will give rise to and enable creative theological discussion and specialized research; as well as preparation for spiritual leadership.

Cost of the online course

Price: $60


Inscription: $25 Quarterly.

Mean: Credit/debit cards and/or bank transfers.

You study at your own pace and according to your own itinerary, because we offer didactic material in digital for those who wish to train in the theological educational course, regardless of their previous experience. You can enter the course as many times as you need; there will be some evaluations of the course but simple to complete half a time follow step by step the teaching methodology, short tests, participation, among others.


The educational course aims to transmit a correct theological teaching to people who wish to venture into a ministerial position, community environment, missionaries, among others and do not need to have previously studied a bachelor's degree.

At the end of the course

Participation diploma: Digital (Optional physical at additional cost).

Having received the course according to schedule of activities and evaluations, you will have a diploma that accredits your participation and acquisition of new knowledge. You will not only have credibility in front of the people around you but also in the competent world of work, business, company or educational teaching and you can choose to further improve your personal goals and objectives according to your leadership vision.

Interior de la iglesia

At the end of your educational career you will be able to be able to transmit a specialized knowledge in Christian teaching, strategically direct missions, leadership, ecclesial positions, practical theologian, among others.

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